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What kind of fonts are best for biotechs?

Simplest answer: Google fonts 

Sure, you can use other fonts and there are great reasons to use non-Google fonts, but for simplicity’s sake, just go with Google fonts. They’re optimized for the web and they’re free.

Now when it comes to Google fonts, I look for two characteristics:

San Serif and a high x-height

The best way to visualize a high x-height is a font where the lowercase x looks higher relative to the top of all the letters. That gives the font a more modern feel and makes it easier to read the font when the size is smaller. And that’s especially important on mobile devices.

Pro Tip:

I generally avoid purely geometric fonts. What I mean by a geometric font is one where the lowercase O is a perfect circle and the lines are all the same width. Avant Garde is a popular example of a geometric font. Now it can be  good for some biotechs like device manufacturers that want to give the impression of precision.

But for just about everybody else, geometric fonts feel sterile and mechanical. That’s not ideal when you’re a drug discovery or patient-centric biopharma.


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