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Pharma Web Design for
Cell Therapy Company

Website for biopharma focused on next-gen immunotherapies for hard-to-treat cancers.

Website project overview


AvenCell Therapeutics

Web Design

When it comes to pharma web design, there’s a saying around Stellar: embrace your inner oddness.

Essentially, what it means is, instead of trying to be everything to everybody, biotechs are always better off identifying and emphasizing what makes them unique within their particular niche.

In the case of AvenCell, their new CEO was able to identify what made them stand out in a sea of CAR-T cell therapy companies – what he needed was a new website to emphasize their distinct value prop: they were one of only two cell therapy companies offering allogeneic and switchable CAR-T therapies.

Pharma Web
Design Challenge

On the surface, the challenge seemed rather obvious: their new pharma web design needed to go from generic to unique. 

Their old site was dark with oversized icons and an undersized, chunky font for headlines that came off as both heavy and weak, if that makes sense. The overall feeling was awkward and clunky – like something was just ‘off’ about the whole site.

On the plus side, they used real photos of real people in their lab throughout the old site. It’s always preferable to use real pics of your team, so the recommendation was to repurpose them in the new site if at all possible.

But most important, the new site required messaging that would clearly emphasize their expertise in combining allogeneic and switchable therapies. Much of the existing text was still relevant, it’s just that it needed to be deprioritized in order to bring their allogenic/switchable technology to the top.


…instead of trying to be everything to everybody, biotechs are always better off identifying and emphasizing what makes them unique within their particular niche.

Pharma Web
Design Solution

We all go to websites every day. We all know the most important part of a website is the top of the main page. It’s this “hero section” that must instantly capture and position your biotech in the mind of each new website visitor.

But finding the exact hero image and headline that captures a unique expression of your biotech isn’t always an easy proposition.

In this case, the client reviewed over a dozen images/headline combinations before they found the one that “clicked.” Turns out, it featured a watercolor of cells. The founder loved it. Everything was almost perfect, if only the watercolor could represent their allogeneic, switchable technology. 

Then the magic happened: their office manager was in the Zoom and mentioned afterwards that she paints watercolors as a hobby. She combined her scientific education and her artistic talent to create a marvelous, custom illustration.

And you simply can’t get more “uniquely you” than that.

In addition, the overall feel of the site was lightened up. The new website stayed within the brand guidelines, but flipped the dark olive color of the old site to their bright green. Bands of the lighter green give the new pharma web design more “pop.”

Likewise, the new website lightens the font recommended in the brand guide, just in a thinner weight. Changing the weight of the font lifts the whole feeling of the site – it’s now feels more elegant and sets off their custom photos and new scientific icons.

mobile devices showing allogeneic switchable technology

While the pharma web design was in full-swing, the messaging went through a thorough audit. Each of pages on the old site were reviewed for clarity and flow – we call this “weeding the garden.” It’s how a writer helps the subject matter experts at a biotech determine what needs to stay, what needs to go and what needs to be de-emphasized.

The main change was to the sections of text on the Home page – they were reordered or created anew to more clearly express their allogeneic/switchable value prop. The same process was repeated, to a lesser degree, for the rest of the pages on the site. In weekly Zoom meetings, the client reviewed new headlines or sections of text – with each recommendation came with an explanation as to why the “voice” or each particular word would help them speak to investors, partners or patients.

The end result was that the allogeneic/switchable value prop was carried throughout the each page of the website, from top to bottom. When combined with their pre-existing custom photos, new icons and the custom watercolor illustration, the effect was fresh, energetic and distinct website – one that reflected their uniqueness as a cell therapy company.

If you’re a new biotech CEO looking to “embrace your inner oddness”, we can help. Reach out to Stellar – our award-winning biotech website design agency can help your biotech stand out in a sea of sameness.

watercolor illustration for next-gen immunotherapy Home page design

It’s no surprise there are some killer scientists at your biotech startup. But did you know there may also be some killer artists lurking in your lab? You never know the treasure trove of talented people ready to unleash their creativity.

An outstanding scientific watercolorist might be right under your nose.

six universal and allogeneic clinical pipeline assets
Finish Line

Hey, you know it. You want to show off your assets that are looking really promising. And you’re proud of reaching your milestones and know how important it is to signal to investors that you can deliver.

But is your pipeline data presented in an interesting way – with animations and expanding information?

t-effector immune-suppression icon and text
Pop Icon

Icons are ubiquitous. They distill concepts and prompt interaction with a few lines. And when your biotech uses custom icons specifically designed for your novel science, you signal to investors and partners you pay attention to tiny details because they matter.

Custom scientific icons instantly add “fit and finish ” to your biotech website. 

adoptive cell therapy publications list

The devil is in the details. And in this case, a super long list of resources could either be a massive snoozer or an opportunity to impress. If you don’t know how to handle typography, you’re likely going to use default settings and your list will be an uninteresting mass of text. Yuk!

Varying the weight and line spacing makes a list both scannable and attractive.

gene modified t-cell eyedropper with bubbles
Outside the Box

Images on your website don’t have to be in square boxes. When you have an image that a shape, it stands out simply because it’s not in a box. And when you stand out, you interrupt people and make them pay attention to your message.

Do you have any images on your site that aren’t in boxes?

white cancer immunotherapy text on green background
I Brake for Color

On the internet, color’s free. Yet most biotech websites exist in a sterile, mostly white world.

How about using bright colors in a few places on your site? Color commands attention and gives a jolt of energy.

It makes sense – after all, you’re trying to get people to remember you, aren’t you?