Holy brand color, Batman!

Alright. Here’s the deal.

Most biotech founders and leaders think their brand should never be fiddled with. Like it’s holy or something, right?

And that’s a pretty good rule to follow because consistency’s a good thing. You don’t want mismatching logos, colors or fonts.

But it can also be a mistake if you’re too rigid when it comes to your biotech brand colors. And it’s super common to realize you need to tweak your colors once you start digging into a biotech website design makeover.

The most common reasons to tweak your brand colors are:

  1. they’re not accessible – in other words, the shade of blue you’re using needs to be just a tiny bit darker so people who are color blind can distinguish it
  2. that it could be navy and burgundy are personal favorites of the founder, but it’s generally a better idea for biotechs to stick to purer colors
  3. that the colors chosen look fine on computers and iPhones, but look muddy when printed

So, don’t be afraid to re-color your brand. Remember: you are in charge of your brand colors and it’s 100% OK and normal if they get tweaked from time to time.


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