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Genomics Website Design for Bioinformatics Company

Website redesign for bioinformaticians based in Boulder, CO and Phoenix, AZ.

Website project overview

Bioinformatics, Genomics

Fulcrum Genomics

WordPress Website Makeover

This genomics website design project can be distilled down to two words:

Fulcrum Genomics is a bioinformatics startup that wasn’t really looking for more business. They actually had more than they could handle. What they needed was a site that instantly conveyed what they were all about: highly competent specialists at the intersection of biology and computer science who are easy to talk to.

Nowadays, drug development relies heavily on computers to grind out millions of potential candidates. So, naturally, skilled bioinformaticians are in high demand. And the ones who can fluently communicate with biologists and programmers are exceedingly rare. 

Fulcrum knew their fluency was their secret sauce. They just needed a new site that portrayed them clear-minded experts who also happened to be “a good hang”. 

You know, cool.

Genomics Website
Design Challenge

Being busy is wonderful. It’s a key success metric.

But along with success you often get roadblocks. In order to grow, you need more employees, but in order to get employees, you need to upgrade your website – and chances are you’re not quite sure how to do that. It’s not that you’re not smart enough to figure it out, you simply don’t have the time. 

In this case, the design challenge wasn’t difficult to figure out: first and foremost, the new site needed to express a culture of cool to prospective employees. Second, it needed to have a simple, casual voice to speak to both prospective employees and future clients.

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Genomics Website
Design Solution

What’s interesting about this project is the founders had created their current website. Whereas this may not be all that unique, creating a DIY website provides an important knowledge base for collaborating with an agency. It allows the team to cover ground quickly by building alignment virtually instantly.

For this genomics website design solution, three home page designs were presented. This allowed the founders to point out what they liked and didn’t like, then cherrypick parts and pieces to blend together into final design. The process was highly collaborative – presenting, listening to feedback, redesigning – combining a new, unique look that actually fit the client. After the home page design was refined and agreed upon, three more pages were created and refined.

One unique aspect of this solution was, since the client had previous WordPress experience, they were granted early access to the site. Many scientists aren’t comfortable as writers. They find it difficult to write or edit text without seeing it in context. By allowing the client to log into the WordPress site before it’s finished, they are able to edit the text, see the line breaks and determine if their new text matches the photos or flows with other elements on the website.

Early access has two important benefits: first, the client has an easier time editing and finalizing content without worrying they might accidentally destroy the site and second, the development is able to stay on track while the client finishes their edits.

Many scientists aren’t comfortable as writers. They find it difficult to write or edit text without seeing it in context. Early access allows scientist to easily edit and finalize content while ensuring the project stays on track.

Finding an easygoing tone of voice for Fulcrum was equally collaborative. Robbie Moore, the creative director on this project, shared headline and content ideas during weekly Zoom meetings. Some were intentionally casual while others were more buttoned-down, with the point of shaking up preconceptions of what bioinformaticians are supposed to sound like. The founders would select their favorite version or iterate on their own, ultimately landing on a voice that suited their casual culture.

As for the design, they chose a version with several subtly moving, colorful DNA marker strips in the background. These strips add an element of curiosity which makes site visitors stop and take notice — drawing them in to read the unexpected headlines. This clever trick increases time on site and engagement with their brand.

Ultimately, the design gets site visitors to say “cool” – and hopefully reach out via the “Let’s Talk” contact form.

If you’re looking to upgrade your startup’s “cool”, Contact us to learn more about what our digital agency can do for your biotech or biopharma.

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screenshot of bioinformatics welcome message layout
Say What?

Why all the tech talk? Surely you’re not insecure, are you? You’re a team of high functioning Ph.D.s., but are you approachable? Are you a “good hang”? If you’re facing any competition at all, you might want to change up the “voice” of your website’s messaging.

Making your message simple and conversational hooks site visitors and makes Google happy.

grid with text and images showing best bioinformatics methods

The point: Long, boring pages of text. All websites need ‘em. But not all pages need to be text-heavy with dumpy stock images. The real advantage of designing a websites is you can playfully break apart your dense text into visually interesting and scannable chunks of information. 

Grids turn information into playful discovery.

colorful dna markers and the novel data analysis layout
Novel Action

Biopharmas exist in a world of novel mechanisms of action. So, why not add some motion to your Pharma website? The subtle, varied vertical motion of colorful DNA markers adds visual interest and reinforces the genomics niche of this client.

Motion piques curiosity. And the unexpected creates memory.

close up of animated numbers layout
Mystery Numbers

Hey, we all know it: biotechs and biopharmas live and die by the numbers. And scientists love pouring over numbers. But one trick to use on a few of your main web pages: use big animated numbers. The grab attention and emphasize just a few big, important distinctive about your biotech.

What are your big numbers? Does your biotech website have animated numbers?

layout of the genomics contact form with dna strand
Friendly Forms

The point: Ahhh, the website response form: unsung hero of the internet. We ask so much of them, yet give them so little. They’re supposed to be the most inviting “first step” for your site visitors, but the fact is, they’re often dull and overly invasive. 

Is your website form inviting or inconsiderate?

layout to show shape harmony between glass model and icon list
Shape Harmony

Here’s a question for you: can you name an element and principle of design that’s being emphasized on your website? Maybe not. But a web designer knows all the elements and principles of design and how and why to use them to make a positive impact on your site visitors.

Shapes and harmony can make your biotech stand out.