Create a Positive User Experience with Your Biotech Website

user experience forest aerial view

As the competition for funding, licensing deals and qualified employees increases, it’s important that visitors to your have a positive user experience (UX) when visiting your biotech or biopharma website. In this article, we’ll provide tips and tricks for avoiding common pitfalls that can result in a negative user experience. From choosing the right visuals […]

Biotech Website Makeover 101

biotech website makeover petri dish

Tips for Transforming an Outdated Biotech Website into a Stunning Online Presence Are you tired of your biotech website looking outdated and unappealing to potential partners or investors? It’s time for a biotech website makeover to revamp your online presence. Don’t let your website hold back the growth of your biotech or biopharma – let […]

Four Biotech Photo Styles: Which One is Right for Your Startup?

biotech photo style plastic chemical model

Every biotech website needs photos. Whether it’s team headshots, pics of your lab or 3D models of your science. But for most startups and early-growth biotechs and biopharmas, stock photos are the best choice because: they’re already done there are millions of images instantly available they’re professional-grade But did you know that there are different […]