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Biotech Website Redesign for Clinical-Stage CNS Biopharma

Neuro-Pharmaceutical in Boston, MA gets a biotech website redesign.

Website project overview

Biopharma, CNS Disease

Minerva Neurosciences

Website Design Makeover

A clinical stage central nervous system (CNS) disease biopharma required a new biotech website redesign to clarify their shift from a multi-asset startup to a Negative Symptoms (NS) biopharma. Negative symptoms include the inability to show emotions, apathy, difficulties talking, and withdrawing from social situations and relationships. 

The Minerva team was keenly aware of the opportunity to be first-to-market with a FDA-approved NS drug, but they needed help telling their story. They wanted unique, modern website design with clear messaging, so the creative challenge was to zero in on the critical areas of change in order to reshape the website to reflect Minerva’s novel focus on NS disease.

Website Redesign

Minerva’s unique ability to innovate and address unmet needs for patients in large CNS disease groups (schizophrenia, MDD, insomnia and Parkinson’s) presents significant commercial opportunities to investors and partners. Originally a multi-asset CNS biopharma, they realized a shift in focus to NS disease was important because NS is disease agnostic and disease symptoms often overlap. 

And since Minerva is the only biopharma with a demonstrable headwind in negative symptoms, it became obvious they needed to change the emphasis on their site to a NS focus. That meant they would require help identifying key audiences and defining personas.

Minerva needed a unique approach to combine science and art into a new, clean, easy-to-navigate website. 

The challenge was to come up with a creative solution to boldly position Minerva as a first-to-market opportunity for potential big Pharma partners.

Website Redesign

The first step was to learn more about negative symptoms. Robbie Moore, Stellar’s creative director, did this by asking 10 questions as part of an in-depth discovery process. He clarified expertise and goals and began to define the audience personas and what makes them tick. He then created designs and crafted content to speak to the target personas.

The second step required the Robbie to present several design variations with different functionalities. Each design was discussed and evaluated, ultimately settling on a biotech website design that most clearly express Minerva’s goals and focus on NS disease.

The client collaborated through each step of the biotech website redesign makeover, from page design to content (text and graphics) to WordPress development and QA. Our process allowed the client to fine-tune the messaging to speak to potential partners and adjust the design and animations to create an excellent user experience.

One subtle creative touch was the use of conceptual images of trees. These images provide a softer expression of NS disease than photos of patients suffering from schizophrenia or depression. They provide colorful, curiosity-provoking images to balance the clear, explanatory text on the web pages.

The new site is both sensitive and clear, which is exactly what they client was looking for.

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tree with face to represent biotech chronic diseases

Biotechs and site visitors have a tendency to shy away from photos of people suffering. In Minerva’s case, they decided they preferred conceptual images.

There are four styles of photos a biotech can use to avoid “uncomfortable” images. It all comes down to defining your biotech’s persona.

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Baby Steps

Every biotech website tells a story and sets up “the ask.” For many biotech startups, there’s considerable discomfort when it comes to asking site visitors to take the next step.

An “ungated” (meaning the site visitor doesn’t have to fill out a form) PDF is a simple way to repurpose some of your existing pitch content.  It allows you to share a bit more about your company, track user engagement and stretch your “sales comfort zone.”

Font Facelift

Scientists are all about the data, but art transforms that exact same data into something much easier on the eyes and brain.

A designer with top-notch typography skills guides users through the clever use of font sizes, weights and posture and gives your message with more gravitas than just straight, unformatted text. 

regulatory focused biotech website page
Be Bold

Nobody can afford to be ignored in a crowded niche like biotech. And it’s true: your science carries the day. But it’s even more true that you need to stand out first. Huge, compelling images can do that for you. Embrace it and you’ll find it much easier to become irresistible to investors, partners and future employees.

Be bold or ignored. It’s your choice. 

cns investor relations page
Investor Relations

As far as integrating an IR section into your site goes, it’s surprisingly uncomplicated. All it requires a subdomain, some shared styles and careful coordination at launch.

However, since public biotechs are highly regulated, the whole process takes quite a while. Start the process with your IR vendor early. You should have an IR vendor selected a minimum 3 months before launch.

biopharma website pipeline chart for clinical stage CNS
Shape Shifting

Pipelines summarize the current stage of development of your assets. Most biotechs use bar charts, but how about using your pipeline to reinforce your brand?

In this case, the hexagon motif found in the logo is echoed in the chart to create a more memorable pipeline. Overlapping hexagon shapes are a subtle way to stand out and trigger an inquiry.