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Biotech Website Makeover for RNA Genomics Company

RNA gene sequencing biotech in San Diego, CA gets a new e-commerce website.

Website project overview

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Eclipse Bioinnovations

E-Commerce Website Design + Icons

This RNA gene sequencing company based in San Diego, CA, needed a biotech website makeover in order to educate scientists about RNA gene mapping.

The existing website did not reflect their expertise in helping biopharmas and academic researchers identify and map RNA genes. In addition, they wanted to upgrade their e-commerce functionality with a new website that allowed Eclipse to convey – simply and beautifully – the quality and depth of their data.

Biotech Website
Makeover Challenge

Before tackling the website redesign, the challenge was to understand Eclipse’s primary audience: scientists with tremendously varied scientific expertise. These scientists make decisions on numbers and statistical validation and require efficient experiments and reliable data. 

And while that’s not a massive revelation in and of itself – the breakthrough was that Eclipse needed to educate scientists. That’s when the lightbulb went off: the site needs to be much less dense with statistics and much more inviting, simple and scannable. Scientists want to quickly find educational information that will help them in their research efforts. 

Ordering RNA sequencing kits was not an easy process. The client needed an improved order management solution to provide a seamless e-commerce purchasing experience.

Biotech Website
Makeover Solution

Our digital agency has expertise in biotech website makeovers. Our team of designers, writers, and developers create bespoke websites that focus on creating a building a bridge to your target audience.

To put it another way, biotech website makeovers are a team sport. 

And the folks at Eclipse were very enthusiastic and collaborative team players. They contributed to the strategy and structure of the site, as well as scientific charts and data for the new website.

The homepage of the new website immediately lets viewers know Eclipse is a pioneer in its field by using bold designs and clearly stating its value proposition. Visitors can explore the site and read about Eclipse’s product offerings in a language that is informative and accessible, regardless of their depth of RNA-specific knowledge. 

And for investors or scientific peers, the new website shares key details of their current research in an easy-to-read manner. Throughout the site there are call-to-action sections to invite site users to reach out and begin their customer journey with Eclipse.

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The new Home page clearly states the purpose and benefit of their main RNA sequencing kits. And since the primary goal is educate scientists and not to purchase a kit, the main button encourages site visitors to learn more. Overall, the new biotech website makeover has an open, uncluttered feel which allows site visitors to quickly scan content. thereby leading visitors to explore the diversity of offerings and supporting data.

As scientists browse the site, they inevitably scroll to “calls-to-action” which encourage them to learn more about gene sequencing kits. Clicking on these links brings them to the Products section where they can read specific information about the benefits, protocols and pricing of specific kits.

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close up of immunoprecipitation molecule
3D Molecules

Here we have a gorgeous, gigantic molecule.

But why the huge molecule?

Because emotions trigger an ‘I gotta have it’ in your biotech website visitors.

Let your data convince and use dramatic imagery to bring emotional impact to your biotech’s story. 

genomics brand ambassador

People connect with people. And spokesmodels can help site visitors make an emotional connection to your biotech.

Instead of putting data first, flip the script. Show some emotion. Be attractive. Use a spokesperson, even if it is a stock photo, humans are wired to respond to it emotionally.

table of rna cell tissues and kits
Table Conversion

Scientists love pouring over data. It’s what they do.

But instead of boring them with black and white tabular data, why not reward them for their curiosity? Make data easy to read and build on your brand’s power by matching the colors and styling of your new website.

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Unexpected Risks

Gotta put it out there: scientists aren’t great at taking risks with their website. Risk aversion is a healthy trait except when you’re in a highly competitive market like biotech.

Great website design helps loosen up stiff biotechs by using one simple trick to boost engagement: zigging when the whole world zags. It works because the unexpected creates memory.

call to action for rna kits
Casual Chill

With so much on the line, biotech folks commonly tense up when it comes to their pitch. They tend to hide behind wordy, technical jargon because they know, ultimately, data carries the day.

But the real trick to effective biotech communication is to convert tech talk into casual confidence. It boosts your likability and shrinks the trust gap.

portion of testimonial by Stanford professor
The Company You Keep

Whether it’s the pedigree of your leadership team or the validity of your data, you’re going to be judged. There’s no getting around it.

What you need is social proof of your biotech’s sterling reputation – and testimonials are a excellent way to accomplish that. 

rna sequence ecosystem
Universally Cool

You know your science, but do your website visitors? Probably not.

All biotechs have two primary challenges.

First you need to distill down your science so any site visitor can quickly comprehend it. Then, once you do that, you need to use web technology to give your site some ‘cool’ factor.

SARS COVID test kit button and virus image
Internal Links

Google loves links. It’s part of the algorithm that ranks your website in their search results. For biotechs starting out, getting links to your site is a bit of a challenge, but you can easily build internal links.

Simply edit your text or add links or buttons to other pages on your site. Google’s bots will recognize these and assign added value to your boost your rank.

Regulatory RNAs flip boxes
Flip Boxes

Do you know the #1 reason why you shouldn’t have huge amounts of text on the main pages of your biotech website? The answer: site visitors don’t read; they scan. Even scientists with PhDs. 

Break up content into chunks so it’s quicker to digest. You’ll discover even high-functioning scientists prefer sampling a few small appetizers before sinking their teeth into the meat of your site.