Biotech Website Makeover 101

Tips for Transforming an Outdated Biotech Website into a Stunning Online Presence

Are you tired of your biotech website looking outdated and unappealing to potential partners or investors? It’s time for a biotech website makeover to revamp your online presence.

Don’t let your website hold back the growth of your biotech or biopharma – let us help you transform it into a stunning showcase of your novel science or breakthrough product. From design to content, we’ve got you covered on how to revitalize your biotech website!

Design Matters: How to Make Your Biotech Website Makeover Look Modern and Professional

Let’s face it: your website is the flagship of your biotech brand. It sets the tone for your company, so it’s essential to make a great first impression. A professional and modern-looking website immediately grabs site visitors and inspires trust in your brand.

To start your biotech website makeover, evaluate its current design elements carefully. Is your color scheme dull or washed out? If so, consider updating it. Just like a fresh coat of paint, new, bright colors can inject energy into a dull website.

And what about your images? Are they too posed? Do they crop out important information on mobile devices? Audit your images and give some thought to how you want to express your brand. Not sure why your images don’t feel right? Here’s an article on how to determine your biotech’s stock photo brand personality, check out.

Or could it be your fonts are too small or too crammed together. Ensure readability by choosing clear fonts and contrasting backgrounds – Google fonts are a great resource for free, web-optimized fonts.

An unappealing site doesn’t necessarily mean low-quality content, but it could turn people off from exploring further what you offer. Pay attention to colors, images and fonts – they way they’re artfully combined ultimately influences whether someone stays on your site or clicks away in frustration.

Content is King: Tips for Creating Compelling and Engaging Biotech Content

Biotechs live and breathe data.

Your website needs to showcase all your novel science and innovative products in a compelling and engaging manner, but biotechnology can be complex. It’s therefore essential to create content that is clear, concise, and engaging.

To create compelling biotech content, first, you need to understand your audiences. Who are they? What are their needs? What challenges do they face? Which is the most important audience at this stage in your growth? The five most common persona groups are:

  • investors
  • partners
  • clinicians
  • patients
  • employees

By understanding what makes people in these persona groups tick, you can tailor your message to address their specific concerns or interests. The goal is to provide value with each piece of content you publish. Audit your site content by asking if you’re offering insights or solutions they find helpful or informative.

And don’t forget about visual elements such as images or videos to help bring key messages to life on your biotech website. Incorporating these assets into your overall design strategy can make complex topics more digestible and keep visitors engaged longer on your site. Consider getting a stock photo subscription to upgrade your images or to add videos. Fresh images go a long way towards creating a new, visually stunning online presence.

Navigation 101: Simplifying Your Biotech Website’s Navigation for a Better User Experience

Having a well-designed and easy-to-use website is crucial for any life science company looking to attract potential employees, partners or investors.

And the backbone of a great biotech website is its navigation. Without simple, logical navigation, users become frustrated and leave your site before even learning about what you have to offer.

Is your current site’s navigation easy to understand? Take a look at some of your peers and see if they’re using words that might be simpler or more common. For instance, all three of your peers might use “About Us” in their navigation, whereas you might use “Company”. Which one do you think people would be less confusing to the average site visitor?

Make your new navigation straightforward. Clarify menu items by making them easy to understand and creating categories that group similar content together. By simplifying your navigation and making it intuitive for visitors to find what they’re looking for quickly, you can not only improve the overall user experience but also increase engagement on your site.

Showcasing Your Science: Transforming data into Visuals that Wow

Part of telling your biotech’s brand story is sharing data in the form of charts, graphs or cartoons.

And the more attractive the scientific data is, the more your life science company comes off as polished and authoritative. If your current scientific visuals are clunky or mismatched, transform your raw data into new visual representations. The new visuals not only aid in understanding complex scientific ideas but also create a captivating user experience for potential investors or partners.

Sure, it’s a bit tricky to knowing how to finesse your data into a beautiful and easily digestible format without sacrificing accuracy. But graphs, charts, and infographics are critical to conveying complex scientific information efficiently and keeping the reader engaged. If your graphics are outdated, try incorporating bold colors or bump up the size of key callouts to help draw attention to key points that you want viewers to remember.

Transforming clinical results into dynamic graphics is your change to leave a positive impression on potential investors or partners, so don’t underestimate the power of awesomely designed scientific graphics.

Call to Action: How to Encourage Visitors to Take Action

One of the last things people think about when doing a biotech website makeover is think about how they want to encourage visitors to take action. A clear call-to-action (CTA) is a powerful way to guide users to take the next step. Whether you want people to inquire about partnership opportunities or apply for a job, CTAs are your opportunity to make your biotech website work for you.

Some biotechs are skittish about overwhelming site visitors with popups or CTAs – and every company needs to determine how aggressive they want to be with CTAs. Some have CTAs in prominent positions on every page. Others have a popup right before the user leaves. In any case, CTAs are your chance to start a two-way relationship with your site visitors.

In general, use contrasting colors and eye-catching graphics to draw attention to CTA buttons to make them easy for visitors to find. Also, clearly phrase the action you want the user to take with actionable language like “apply now” or “contact us today.”

Does your current site use CTAs? Do you offer free downloads of research papers or posters that showcase your expertise – while simultaneously creating an opportunity for lead generation via web forms? If not, consider adding CTAs to build effective long-term relationships from your biotech or biopharma website.

Mobile Optimization: Why it’s Important and How to Do it Right

Over 50% of biotech website visitors use mobile phones or tablets. That’s why optimizing your biotech website design for mobile devices is crucial for your biotech website design. Failure to do so can result in higher bounce rates and lost potential clients or investors.

When optimizing your biotech website for mobile devices, make sure that all images and text are sized appropriately for smaller screens.

Content also plays a huge role in engagement from visitors using mobile devices. Make sure all your content is clear, concise and easy to read on smaller screens – while still providing value to readers. Use shorter paragraph – and bullet points where appropriate – along with concise sentences.

In conclusion, your biotech or biopharma needs to blend design, content, navigation, scientific visuals, CTAs and mobile optimization into order to create a positive user-friendly experience. Following these guidelines should help you create stunning biotech website makeover that attracts your primary audience. If you need help with your biotech website makeover, just reach out and we’ll set up a Zoom. We love talking biotech websites!


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