Biopharma website design for Boston norovirus company

Biopharma Website Design for Boston, MA Company

Biopharma website design for norovirus vaccine drug development startup

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When’s the best time to exit stealth mode with a new biopharma website design?

Even founders with multiple biotech startups under their belt struggle with knowing exactly when to “go live.” That’s because startups are juggling many priorities: patent approval, new datasets, asset development, etc.

In the case of HilleVax, there were a number of recent developments that indicated it might be time to consider coming out of stealth:

On top of those reasons, leadership was interested in riding the coattails of the massive investments in viral therapy in the wake of COVID.

Plenty of good reasons, but at a certain point, it can all become a bit overwhelming.

Which brings us back to the initial question: when is the right time to come out of stealth?

The answer: when facing decision paralysis, exit stealth by launching in phases.

Biopharma Website
Design Challenge

Some biotechs spend while a while in stealth mode. This client had assets in Phase I and II, but still didn’t have an online presence. So, the very first thing they needed was a basic landing page.

And though they may have felt like they were in a rush, they didn’t want a biopharma website design that looked slapped together. They needed an initial site that would look great initially and could gracefully expand into a full-fledged site over the course of a couple of months.

The challenge would be to build their new website in three phases:

A landing page is a brief summary of a biotech’s mission and their novel science. It’s usually just a single web page, but it establishes a design motif and serves as the foundation for a bigger website. The goal is to get a minimum viable webpage live as quickly as possible – typically in less than a few weeks.

The five-page biopharma website design is – in this case – an extension of the landing page. Since it evolves over the course of several months, it is able to go more in-depth into a biopharma’s origin story. The primary purpose is to define the value proposition in a way that speaks to the audience and their pain point(s). 

An investor section (typically 6-pages, minimum) is added to websites of publicly-traded companies. The process takes several months and can only be developed after a biopharma website design is launched.

An investor section (typically 6-pages minimum) is added to websites of publicly-traded companies. The process takes several months and can only be developed after a biopharma website design is launched.

Biopharma Website
Design Solution

No matter whether it’s a landing page or a full-blown biopharma website design, the design process always starts with a Q&A interview during the kickoff meeting. The focus of the questions go from broad to narrow in order to clarify the value prop, audience, pain points and goal of the new website.

For the landing page, the first objective always is to keep things simple. Messaging for biopharmas can be very technical and nuanced and often take several weeks to develop and refine. That’s why a landing page – especially one that needs to be created in a hurry – typically uses content from existing assets like a slide deck or presentation PDF.

A landing page can be incredibly brief. All that’s really needed is a key image (in this case a gastrointestinal virus model), the company logo and an overall value prop statement/message. Everything else is discretionary, however, if you have additional content like headshots and bios of leadership or brief descriptions of your science, add that too.

What’s important is not to get stuck waiting for content approval. Remember, a landing page is supposed to be up and running quickly, so only consider content that’s currently in use and has already been approved.

Similarly, it’s a good idea to keep the look and feel of a landing page simple. Avoid flashy effects that need to be developed and tested. Focus on extending the brand by incorporating a clean, crisp color palette, commonly used web fonts and one main, powerful image. 

And the most important thing to remember: this is the start of building a custom online presence, so don’t get bogged down in details – there’s always an edit button! It’s natural and normal for the imagery, colors and fonts to evolve in the next iteration. The main goal is speed and accuracy.

Norovirus vaccine scientists on handheld cell phone

The advantage of launching a landing page for a biopharma exiting stealth is it buys you several months to generate new images and text for your 5-page (or larger!) website.

A big advantage of a phased approach is the next phase can actually be implemented in “baby steps.” As content is generated and approved, each page can be activated. 

For Hillevax, as each new page was activated, a new section of content was added to the Home page and a link was added to the menu. This gradually ‘bulked up’ the Home page and the number of pages on the site organically. This tells Google that you’re consistently growing your online presence and signals to them to raise your website in their search results.

Along the way, the design also took some baby steps. The original landing page design used the primary accent color from the logo – a very bright green. But over the course of building the 5-page website, the bright green was replaced with a more muted blue.

And once the 5-page site was finalized, the investors section was ready to be added. Publicly-traded companies are highly regulated, so there are third-party vendors which specialize in hosting sites with information specifically for investors. The investor section was designed and developed to ensure the look and feel matched the rest of the site and implemented to the navigation was the experience was seamless for site visitors.

If you’re a biopharma founder who’s unsure when to exit stealth, don’t sweat it – just approach your new website launch in phases. And if you need someone with experience to help you put your best foot forward, reach out to Stellar. We’ll guide you through the three phases so your stealth exit is pleasurable, not painful.

norovirus economic burden blurb from biopharma website
Biggie Size

Scientists are data freaks. That’s cool, but the sign of a well-balanced biopharma is one that sifts through all their data to find the one or two numbers that really summarize what its trying to accomplish. 

Do you identify a few breakthrough numbers of your novel science?

Worldwide acute gastroenteritis web design motif on the About Us page
Embrace Curves

Is your biopharma website design look kinda “meh?” Is the layout “boxy?” If so, how about adding some graceful curves? Curves lead the eye and add motion to an otherwise dull, predictable web page.

Sometimes the shortest distance to an investor’s heart is a curve.

Biopharma vaccine developer bios on executive leadership team web page

Partners, investors and prospective employees are interested in who’s running the show at your biopharma. One way you can make it easy for them is to make the bios on your website be popup modals. That way, they’re just a click away from seeing your happy, smiling face. :) 

Does your website make it easy for people to find out who’s on your team?