Big numbers = eye catchers.

Whenever I do a biotech website makeover, I start it with a kickoff meeting. It’s my chance to get curious and ask a bunch of questions.

And two questions I ask every time are: what’s your claim and what’s your proof? What I’m looking for is some sort of persuasive argument.

Now we all know everybody in biotech lives or dies by the data. Data’s super important.

But one thing scientists need to understand is how to dramatize their data. People coming to your site do not immediately want to be thrown into the deep end of your data. Sure, scientists, investors or partners want the big picture and are fully capable of interpreting it, but we need to be able to distill all of your science down to a few big numbers to smack them in the face with the size and importance of what you’re trying to do.

Pulling a few super-impactful numbers out and making them huge catches the eye as opposed to keeping all your data the same size and homogenous and making people’s eyes glaze over.

So, does your site explain the importance of your novel science in a nanosecond?


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